Life On the Homestead

What can I say? Busy. Busy. Busy. I am miking three goats now and have lots of milk! No time this week for yogurt making so I am freezing some.
Some is going to the sick house baby who is still hanging in there. I am feeding her by syringe as she has a poor sucking reflex. She requires a lot of time and energy right now.
I have two dolls to finish for an order this week. Halfway there!
The chicks are growing and seem to love to tip over their feeder. Yes, they need to be moved out of the mud room today!

Seedlings growing well, too.
Grandkids coming…best friend leaving for a three month tour of Europe…neighbor just diagnosed with terrible cancer…
I feel like I am overwhelmed with both good and bad.
I wonder what today will bring?

2 thoughts on “Life On the Homestead

  1. Hope your baby makes it … syring feeding is hard but necessary sometimes. I usually have a damp washcloth handy to wipe the chin when the baby spits out food. This is the one that was born outside in the cold?

  2. What a full and lovely life. So sorry to hear about your neighbor. I’m sure that you had lots of fun with your grands.

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