And the Husband Keeps Very Busy

His day job hasn’t held him back from his intense love of farmin”. I have encouraged him not to think acres but rather raised beds and for the past two years we have done just that, each year expanding. This year’s boxes are made from the lumber cut from the cedar from our land (oh, how good that feels). He has made them three high with the intention of removing the top one when the soil settles. They are filled with compost both from the barn pile and the very seasoned pile across the street. Our brand, spanking new light weight but large yellow wheel barrel did a good job.

I have happily given up a part of the living area to his seed starting efforts. He is doing an excellent job and everything looks great. Today he planted the corn!

One thought on “And the Husband Keeps Very Busy

  1. I know, I know… it does look funny using a small plate and a nitpicker to distribute the seed, but Mexican Marigold seed is tiny and hard to sort with my fingers.

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