Chasing After Relief

In early 2008  I started having difficulty breathing and sought treatment. The doctor I had at the time belittled me and acted like I was not really having breathing difficulty. For more than 14 months and after several different specialists nobody could give me a diagnosis…only that I was sick and had difficulty breathing. I tried several treatments and saw several specialists and went to the ER many times when I needed treatment to start breathing again.I changed doctors in the spring and this is the doc I have now.  Then I finally saw a specialist who recommended I get off all my meds and try some breathing exercises. That worked and I was  free of this issue for three years.

When I began to feel the chest tighten and difficulyt breathing early this week I became alarmed and quickly talked to my regular physician. He put me on the meds I needed and hopefully will only need for a short time.  Although I am not allergic to anything (according to the tests that have been done) my oversensitive airways are reacting to the heavy pollen we are blessed with this year.

I will NOT see any specialists and have a zillion tests.  My doctor is approachable and understanding and available.

Just because I don’t fit the norm, doesn’t mean I can’t get the help and relief I need.

Long story short…I am already feeling relief from the tightness and the dry, dry cough has become productive. This, too, shall pass.


2 thoughts on “Chasing After Relief

  1. Sorry to hear about the breathing but I am very glad you have a doctor who listens, believes and can help! That makes all the difference in the world! Good luck – and hug a baby when your chest feels tight … that will help the stress level!

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