Excitement in the Air

A whole week has gone by and I have neglected to write in my blog. I have several good reasons but I’ll not bore you with them. I do have some interesting news. Husband is taking me down the road tomorrow to pick up three small goats I have purchased. The gal I bought them from is headed to Maine for a show and is willing to bring them that far. I am excited to add diversity to my herd as well as good genetics. I wanted one little buck but he certainly couldn’t be alone so I chose another buck since I didn’t want a wether and this second little buck should add to the mix. Last night I was watching my 2 month old doe trying to engage the older does in kid like behavior to no avail and mentioned I would love a doe from this gal as well. My sweetheart felt that if I could negotiate a good price I could get her. I did and she’s mine! Tomorrow there will be lots of pictures. Meanwhile I am trying to contain my excitement! The little doe is polled (no horns) and all white and the same age as my Sassy. She will be called Yuki which means snow in Japanese.

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