Long Trip

Husband was up before me and I got up at 10 til 5AM. The chores got done quickly.  The still pregnant goat got checked one more time. The necessary items were put into the car and we got on the road at 6:30AM.  A drive through stop at McD for breakfast burrito to go and we were back moving again.

We got to Windsor a little before 10:30AM. Talked through the necessary information, made payment and collected our three little goats. Goats full of potential for our future herd and full of fun for now. Sassy was the only kid we kept this year and Westie still hasn’t kidded so we have missed the antics small ones bring.

We had lunch at Applebee’s in Waterville where DH was able to back the car in right where we were sitting and I could keep tabs on the critters. Lunch was my favorite, steak and baked potato, finished with a hot fudge sundae. Yummy!

Iced coffee in Lincoln and then home. It was a 380 mile trip and it took us 9 hours. We are tired but smiling. Westie did NOT kid while I was gone which was a huge relief to me. She is at day 145 and huge so I am thinking more than twins in there.

I took some pictures of the little ones when we got home. They are quite small.

This is Fairlea Finnegan, to be called Finn, 7 weeks old.

This is Fairlea Guiseppe, called Peppy, 9 weeks old.

This is Fairlea Yuki, meaning Snow, and she is 7 1/2 weeks old. 

I made this purchase as an investment in my future herd.

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