Settling In

Lots of crying and wandering around today with the three small goats. I put Yuki in with the herd but the bigger goats were not yet ready to accept her so she went in with the little bucks until they decide to ply their craft on her. Nope…not yet boys, she’s too young! So I shut the does inside and just left Sassy and Yuki together. After about a half hour Sassy decide Yuki  might be a playmate and began to race around running up on the stump and jumping off, jumping up onto the spool and back down again. Yuki joined in and I was delighted to see the interaction. Sassy has been lonesome since all the rest of the kids were sold and Yuki should be just the ticket!

3 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Congratulations on your sweet new goats! Imagine my joy when I found your blog with Waldorf dolls and Nigerian Dwarf goats!! Two of my favorite things ~ I have collections of both! : ) We just brought home our first three ND goats, one of them has been crying in the afternoon… they all seem to be settling in very well, yet I wonder when this little ones crying will stop? Any thoughts? Thank you for sharing pieces of your farm life here, I look forward to your posts! : ) Warmly, Nicole

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