Couldn’t help myself!

Today is my 69th birthday. If someone had told me earlier life would get this good I think I would have moved a little quicker!

I spent part of this morning playing with baby goats. It you are tired of seeing their pictures its all right to stop reading now.

LilBit thinks he can challenge Yuki. (He weighs a little more than 3#)He is 2 days old, she is almost 2 months old.

Sadie gets a drink.

Mom with all four.

Yuki sliding down the tarp that covers the pile of loam.

Finn on the steps

Fun. Fun. Fun.

2 thoughts on “Couldn’t help myself!

  1. You finally had the last ones, huh? Even Norm likes babies, and thinks your little kids are cute. He says that you have “interesting colors.” I love Sadie …. do you have a box big enough to mail her to me?

  2. She is a beauty. That mama kept me waiting for so long. I am so impressed with her. She popped them out quickly and all of them are very vigorous. She sure doesn’t seem to need any help from me at this point!

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