Birthday Loot and Eating Out

My husband says I’m an easy keeper. I think I am just different. I didn’t want diamonds or jewelry. I just wanted hog panels! Yes hog panels, 8 of them! I wanted to be able to put the does and the bucks in back of the house where the small trees sprouts are growing. These certainly are a favorite goat treat. They are not that fond of grass and pasture but woody stems and serious weeds…they love them. We have lots of them but do not want to invest in lots of fencing. These panels are 16 feet long and can be made into a large square and then moved as they eat down an area.  Yesterday in the late afternoon he set up the doe enclosure and we put the girls there for a couple of hours. Today he did the second enclosure and put the boys in for about an hour (its been rainy here). I am thrilled! This was a great birthday gift.

Because we live in rural Maine it means we have to travel to get almost anything we might need. Yesterday we made an afternoon of it. We had lunch out and had a delicious feed of homemade potatoes salad and homemade baked beans…yum. Then when we were at the farm store we we also able to pick up lift arms for his three point hitch and some shavings. There was an open house at a small ND goat farm so we also stopped there for a quick visit.

Happily we got home before the rains came.

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