A Long Week

After last week’s tooth extraction, quad birth and my birthday I had hoped things would slow down…not so. The three bucklings from the quad set were sold and needed to be ready to go as bottle babies in a couple of weeks. They needed to be disbudded and castrated as well.

The garden needed tending. I brought in some fresh spinach and I made a quiche this week.  I finally got twelve pints of spaghetti sauce done for our Wednesday suppers this summer.

Husband has steadily worked on the wood.  He has cut and stacked almost two cord so far.


We separated the small bucks, Finn and Peppe from the does and doelings. They were just coming into their own and I didnt’ want any “oops” breedings. I thought Miss Yuki would be very unhappy but she lays next to the gate and that satisfies her. She also has befriended Haile who’s daughter was sold last week.

Westie continues to amaze me with her mothering skills, so much so, that it has been work to get the boys on bottles. She is producing well and doing a good job.

Oh, and the smell of these Amity Lilacs has wafted through the window all day. Intoxicating!

3 thoughts on “A Long Week

  1. Don’t want anyone to drool on their keyboard, but you would if you had sampled that quiche… it was amazing. The bride can cook!

  2. The quiche does look delicious! Do you share recipes, by chance? I’m curious to know about Wednesday suppers? I’ve been a follower of your blog for quite awhile now and love reading about your life in rural Maine! Both of your work ethics shine through your words & pictures!

    I live way over on the other coast but Maine & Nova Scotia are both on my bucket list to visit! I hope you carve out some relaxing time this summer!


  3. Thank you Dona,
    I try to have one day I don’t have to think up a meal and that is what Wednesday suppers are. We almost always have spaghetti. Either of us can put it together easily. I find the homemade sauce isn’t as acidic as the store bought. Besides I know what’s in it and it’s easy to can!

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