Another Week Has Flown By

Husband is on vacation. For him this seems to mean rising with the sun (about 4 AM, yikes) and getting outside to do what he loves best, help things grow!  He has put in more planting boxes and filled them with compost.  He has weeded and put compost on the the other plants that needed it.  We have taken a few trips to the nearby Variety Store for nuts and bolts and the like. We had pizza by the lake. The three boys of the quads have gone to their new homes leaving me with a very full and great milking Westie! She did poorly(milk production wise) at her first freshening and I considered moving her on. I am glad I did not!

The potatoes are up.
The roses are blooming.

We had fresh lettuce and spinach with our supper.

All’s right with the world! 

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