Getting Ready

I can’t believe the longest day of the year has come and gone. It’s been very hot and humid here and the mosquitoes are having a field day. The only repellent that has worked for me is a product called Buzz-off by Lewey. It combines a lot of oils and has no deet.  I am slathering it on every time I head outside. DH has put in a lot of time cleaning the back of the barn on the first floor in anticipation of the hay needing storage. He has done a wonderful job. 

I went out to do some weeding and was pleased to see how quickly the strawberries are getting ripe.  

By the walkway we have had some unexpected clematis bloom. It is rather pretty. It has been there all along but never bloomed very well.

DH put some hay on a table in the goat pen. So now they come to the table to eat!

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