The Pole Removal and the Necessary Hole

When we first moved here, 26 years ago, there was a telephone pole in our front yard. The kids had a basketball hoop on it and enjoyed playing basketball with local and visiting kids. Some time later it got cut level to the ground. However over the years it has been pushed up with frost leaving a small hump in the dooryard. During winter the guy who plowed runs into this small hump.  This has really bothered mu husband and he has ruminated over in for a long time.

Last April our small local post office was closed by the USPS leaving all of us with only two or three choices for mail delivery. For me it was obvious. We would put up a mailbox here at the house. The rural carrier is a wonderful guy and will bring packages right to the door and pick up any packages I have that need to go out. Husband put up a temporary mailbox using a barrel that he put weights into and attached a mailbox set up to it. It has worked out nicely.

Two years ago husband cut several cedar log poles for fencing that have laid in a pile across the street.  He thinks about uses for them often. I think it nags at him that they have not been used.

Fast forward to this week. His creative mind started to work overtime. He needed that pole out of the ground. He needed a hole for the permanent mailbox. The dooryard ground would not lend itself to digging. So he worked this pole out of the ground inch by inch. After he loosed soil around it he vacuumed the dirt out with the old shop vac. At one point he made a small fire in the hole to try to burn the pole. (That didn’t exactly work.)

He finally was nearing the bottom of the pole which was larger at the very bottom. The he attached his log lifter winch onto it and slowly winched it out.

The new pole is in (using up at least one of the cedar fence posts.) The hump is gone along with the base of the telephone pole. The mail box has a permanent home.

3 thoughts on “The Pole Removal and the Necessary Hole

  1. The new box/pole pairing is temporary. A more artistic design will emerge. Until then function over form is the rule.

  2. I love projects like this! Tell him if he ever runs out of them he can come down here and spend some time!

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