Summer Wedding in Misty Weather

We had the privilege of attending a beautiful summer wedding that took place in a large field down the road from us.

This young lady and her older sister spent summers here with her aunt. Because the town is so small and the number of kids around to hang out with  and have fun with could be counted on one hand these two were added to the local group which include my two youngest kids. We are blessed to have known her for so long. As we have had wonderful sunny weather for July and into August.

The sudden arrival of needful rain and very misty days were unexpected. A wedding contingency plan for the ceremony was not put in place but the wedding was beautiful anyway.

The musicians were tenacious in spite of the weather obstacles.

We did have two very serious little people trying to do their job well.

The reception was held under some large tents and the meal was delicious.

The bride was smiling throughout the whole afternoon and evening.

We had a lovely time.

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