Full Days

Between Dentists and Specialists and the garden and the goats as well as general home keeping, life has been full.  I am thankful for the wonderful summer we have had so far.

Paul helped me put 16 bags of corn into the freezer and he thinks there will be at least 16 more today. He is a great help as he does all the shucking and helps with the cutting and bagging. I put them through the food saver. Yesterday I did the last of the green beans giving us a total of 40 pints and 1 quart put by. I have pulled all the onions and they are laid out to dry. 

I am through the first part of my dental process, all the filling replacements and next week I start on the deep cleaning. It has not been an easy process for me but I am determined to follow it through and finally have it taken care of.  Lack of finances and often having a vasovagal reaction to needles has been what has held me back.

I see the RA specialist again  the first of September. That is a six hour round trip so it actually takes a day or so to recover from the ride.

This morning I was excited to see this lovely blossom. The first of many, I hope.  I just love blue Morning Glories!

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