Live Every Day

This has been a most amazing day from start to finish.

Breakfast with my favorite man before he headed off to work. A visit with an “old” friend who has something to say about skinny people! Some very needed clean up of the kitchen ‘cold room’ and sorting and throwing as well as floor washing. Shipping out a sweet red haired doll to NJ.  A timely lunch with my most favorite man and coffee afterwards.  A visit to the dark and dank recesses of the house, namely the cellar. Sharing the scouring of the cobwebs and the assessing of the dryer vent problem. Discussing and agreeing on a solution. Listening to the sump pump working overtime to remove the small stream running through the bottom recesses of the house.  Working to clean my sewing area for fall and preparing a new spot for the dryer.

Pizza with my sweetheart on the dock with our feet in the water, surrounded by the sounds and beauty of nature. Ice cream on the way home. And then a movie at our very our Talmadge “Sit-In” movie theater.

As I said , “This has been a most amazing  day!”

One thought on “Live Every Day

  1. You have a “favorite man,” a “most favorite man” and a “sweetheart.” How do you spread yourself around with three men in your life? I’m glad you got to spend so much time with him (or them). Sounds like a wonderful day.

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