Mother, Mother I feel sick…

Call for the doctor, quick, quick, quick!

I remember this jump rope ditty from my childhood days.

I have been dogged by fatigue and some painful joints for several months. I had gotten used to it and as DH says, “You are a person who just copes.”

My last primary doctor visit was in late July and I was not feeling so great and so I told him, following it with the statement, “Oh, I’m just being a complainer.”

He didn’t buy it and did some blood tests. My ANA test was high so he scheduled an appointment with a RA specialist. I struck paydirt with this wonderful doctor. She was thorough and helpful. She did a lot of tests and had me come back in three weeks. She also gave me a cortisone shot in my shoulder for the severe pain I had had there.

On the second visit she had all the tests back and was able to prescribe a couple of new meds and take me off two I had been using. One of the new meds worked wonders and in a couple of days I felt like I had my life back! About 95% of the joint pain throughout my body was gone and the fatigue has let up some.  I am elated.

Today I spent a good part of my day at the hospital getting more test done so she (my new doctor) can figure out another piece to the puzzle.

I am so thankful.  God is so good.

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