The New Resident

After a lot of thought on my part and a discussion with DH on Wednesday I picked up a sweet little male Siamese. He is about 6 months old and has responded to handling and petting quite nicely. I am here everyday and often alone except for my wonderful goat herd. I am hoping he will be company for me especially through the winter.    Mateo will give me someone to talk to during the day!

Here he is, all tuckered out from his very full day with some many changes in his young life.

2 thoughts on “The New Resident

  1. Hello Jan
    He is beautiful – oh I love kittens and the fun things they get up to. I miss having litters but had to be sensible and accepting when I had my last Burmese girl (Kiera) speyed.
    He has an ‘older type’ look to him – not too long and extreme in the head. You will have lots of smooches form him I’m sure
    Take care

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