What Next?

These kittens continue to amaze  and entertain us with their antics. There are balls with bells everywhere as well as empty crumpled bags and assorted other kitty interest things.  Yesterday when we headed upstairs to watch a movie I discovered Kai had found a new resting place. He must think he’s dirty and needs a good washing!

We are resting this weekend…Paul with the end of a cold and me with the beginning of one. We also had buck trouble, Halifax got loose. When I put him with the young bucks he tormented them so much and made so much noise I went out to move somebody out. In the process I fell back as they bolted out of the pen and hurt several parts of my body as it hit the woodpile and other stuff in my wake. A bump on the top of my head and several bruise on each arm resulted.

“Good thing you didn’t break nothing.”

So sick and busted up I am resting an recouping as best I can and watching lots of movies!

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