A Couple of Nappers

While I enjoyed myself in the sewing room working out some ideas, the Papa and the kitty decided to do what cats (and Papas) do best! Nap! 

The colds hang on to both of us and we are trying to get rest any time we can. My sweet husband gets to got to work every day where germs abound while I stay home and take it easy.

Suffice it to say he certainly needs to nap when he comes home. The kittens, however, have spent a good part of the day napping so I venture to say they really don’t need any more rest!

After almost a whole day of rain the sun came out!

One thought on “A Couple of Nappers

  1. Hi Jan,
    I love your blog! Up until 5 years ago, I had spent my entire life in New England (Massachusetts and New Hampshire.). 5 years ago, because of family tragedies and heartaches, I thought my kids and I needed a change, and we moved out West. Now, I realize how much I miss New England! Longing for a way to get back, but if/when I do, I want it to be rural Maine. Anyway, like I said, I love following your blog. In this post, out the window behind your sleeping husband, is that a church building on your property? Just curious!

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