Being able to do ADL

I finally saw the Doc on Wednesday since I was feeling out of breath from making the bed (ADL). I also was too fatigued to milk in the morning. That is something very unusual for me. I didn’t feel unwell just tired and sometimes out of breath. Dr. L saw me that morning and said everything looked fine, my blood pressure which runs low was a little high but everything else looked good. After chatting a bit he decided to put me on the treadmill..ugh ! At the lowest setting I was quickly not being able to catch my breath and was fatigued.  He concluded my lungs were clogged and put me back on Neb treatments and asthma meds,  I have noticed the coughing has become productive and I can do my normal routine again. He reminded me that ADL (activities of daily living) are signs of problems when you can’t do them or back away from them. Next time, he warned, call me early rather than late so we can keep this under control!

I feel like an old car with different parts breaking down….”I wonder what will break next?”

However I am feeling good enough today to get some pictures of my new little guy Will. Zach gave an idea for photos that I am trying.

3 thoughts on “Being able to do ADL

    • I’m a bit slow to recognize serious signs. Both the doctor and the husband have duly warned me! I feel like a drug store but I am on the mend and my sweet goats welcomed me back!

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