Moving Towards Christmas

Our Thanksgiving holiday was uneventful. We had a quiet dinner and enjoyed each other’s company. I found myself sleeping both morning and afternoon still struggling with chest pain and high fatigue.  TheFriday noon mail brought a surprise gift from my sweet hubby. He had purchased a roku for the downstairs bedroom and had made a stand for the small flatscreen TV we had in storage. His plan was to allow me to rest on the bed and have the diversion of movies and TV programs.  What a guy. It has already afforded me some restful diversion.

He slept in the afternoon while I watched a movie!

Saturday Paul had a bellyache that wouldn’t quit so he rested on the couch.

Today he is doing paperwork and I am trying to catch up on the laundry and take lots of rest breaks. So far so good.

Christmas is a month away…so hard to believe that time flies by so quickly as you get older!


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