First Sunday in January 2013

With winter weather fully upon us, snow, wind and cold we are cozy in our wood warmed home and glad to be together in this time and this place. Our Portland visit was helpful only in finding out what I did not have but a bust as far as determining what is causing the fatigue, dyspnea, lack of energy. However…Monday I see a local. excellent Doctor to help me strategize a new path or direction.  Her advice Friday was to use the weekend resting as the two-day trip to Portland would be exhausting even for the most healthy. I have taken her advice and now could be called the “sleeping beauty”.

My daughter Jo sent me a thumb drive with a great book on it. I have enjoyed listening to it until I fell asleep (guess I’ll go back and catch up!)  My neighbor brought us supper yesterday when we were both too weary to think about it.

Our son and daughter-in-law graciously let us crash at their house and fed us a great supper. It was nice to have hugs with the grandsons.

Our daughter and son-in-law loaned us their car for the drive while they fixed our jeep. I gots hugs there as well from my 8 year old grand daughter.

My bookend daughters have called regularly to check in as well.

My good neighbor Sandra has been in and out, saw to it the animals survived our absence and was thank ful not to have to be a goat midwife.

From the looks of things the babies should arrive sometime after the 18th and then a week later. Yuki isn’t due until April.

We are thankful.  God is good.IMG_3554


One thought on “First Sunday in January 2013

  1. I have been thinking of you….hope they figure something out soon! I know 1st hand how it is to feel nearly lifeless and not know why. Take one day at a time!
    Have been meaning to ask you about Westie. You told me she is due on the 24th of this month. Would that be day 145 for her or day 150? Keep us posted on your health and findings….Blessings to you! Julie

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