Yesterday was a beautiful, restful day. I got outside to visit with my girls, two who are getting closer to delivery. I breathed the cool crisp air.  Since laying flat relieves the breathing/chest issues I enjoyed a fabulous movie with my kitten companions in the bedroom.  Shared supper prep and clean up with my DH.

Sounds like a non stressful day, right? I got back into bed just before 7 to quietly move into slumber.  I was watching the clock to put in my ear buds by eight (that’s when the radio goes to music I like) when WHAM! out of nowhere comes the most excruciating jaw to chest pain. It radiated across my chest and back for a full 15 minutes. DH got me more pain meds and held me through it. It finally let up and the meds kicked in.

This is crazy making.

God has the answer to all of this.  Praise His Name.


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