What a Wild Ride!

It’s been a whirlwind of a week here! Severe energy drain followed by triplet baby goats followed by anticipation of a a special 65th birthday for my hubby.  Instead of a birthday party 12.04AM finds us on the road to the ER with husband in excriating pain from kidney stones.  They got some pain meds into him so I didn’t have to peal him off the ceiling and then did some tests to figure out what was going on.

Almost 12 hours later we head by ambulance to the larger Bangor hospital for a procedure to get him on the road to recovery. Thankfully most of the time husband had enough pain drugs so his snoring continued.  I was able to get help for the animals on the home front and thankfully my sister and brother in law joined me and gave me tremendous support.  My youngest daughter showed up in Bangor and took over as I had had no sleep or meds for 24 hours and was running on empty.  She got us out of there, got us fed and got us home.

She even made sweaters for the baby goats in the middle of the night because it was so cold.

We have slept and slept and slept in between good food coming our way. Husband is feeling better. And I am taking the time to get the body running right again. Oh and there are more babies on the horizon next week!

Life is never dull.IMG_3641


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