Hanging On

FOB for you grammy!, originally uploaded by panacealater.

I have been doing an exceptional job of resting so far, in my opinion!!!

Although energy depletion creeps up on me sometimes when I least expect it. Paul have been exceptionly kind and is there for me. Our wonderful sitting room is light and airy and cheers me through my recliner days. I have been able to identify times of the day when I do have energy and am trying to capitalize on these brief respites. I’ve manage to get a few extra meals in the freezer and have a large pot of chicken soup available.

Sandra has been a Godsend doing errands, hauling me here and there, making coffee and hanging out. Bonnie has made food and her wonderful homemade bread for us. Jeannie B has kept me laughing each morning by phone . We dissect and solve as much of the world’s problems as we can before we start laughing.

My kids have been great. Phoning, sending notes, being here, listening , encouraging.

My sweet sister…being there for me….thank you, thank you.

The last few weeks have certainly been challenging but God is good and His has provided for us as we have needed.

My baby goats are thriving as well, in spite of sub zero weather and windy days.

My new doctor has been a great asset and helped me move toward a better place healthwise. She is kind and thorough and willing to face the challenges with me.

I have so much to be thankful for.IMG_3813

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