IMG_3877Sometimes we need to be rescued from ourselves and are limited understanding about what we can actually accomplish when we are in trouble.  We took ourselves to Bangor (DH drove) for his surgery thinking we would find a place to stay the night and drive home in the morning.  The surgery started early, as soon as we arrive we were whisked to pre op. Since the goal, this time was NO PAIN when waking from the procedure we told every person involved that painfree was our goal. Last time he suffered too long afterward before he got relief.  As he went under I kissed him and went to the waiting room.  I called family to let them know he had gone in and sat and waited. My loving husband had prepared orange slices for me before we left so I enjoyed a nutritious snack.

Our daughter Nikki showed up some time later and lovingly told me she would drive us home! Our car needed work so we would leave it at the shop until we could get it at a later time. I breathed a sigh of relief as I was reaching the end of my energy and we hadn’t secured a room.  She stayed until he was in recovery and finally awake. He had very little pain. Whew! however he was very groggy from anesthesia and so we waited while the nurse assessed his pain and gave him more iv meds.

We got both cars and husband  to the shop ( I drove the three miles and it did me in) and then NIkki and her husband took over. We were basket cases. They got us into another car and Nikki took us to get a meal and then picked up the grand-daughter and headed for home. An hour from home we stopped at the grocery store to make sure we had the things we needed to function for the next few days. DH was feeling a little better so he and Amanda wander off and filled a small basket with things he wanted. Nikki and I went the rounds and she filled our cart. I think I was in a fog but I know she wasn’t because later the wonderful smells and treats coming out off our kitchen made me know how well she had handled our needs!

Comfort food….chicken soup, apple pie, chicken and gravy all ready to eat. Pot roast for the crock pot, lots of fresh fruit. And she took me to my DR appointment and asked all the right questions. I cannot thank her enough for her presence when we needed her so much. IMG_3874

One thought on “Rescue

  1. With quiet strength and determination Nikki made it possible for us to survive being ourselves. I hated to see her go just as much as I knew what she gave up in time to meet our needs. God bless you, my child.


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