Spring Cleaning Comes Early

Yesterday, truly out of recent character, I had a burst of energy and some spark. This was after two full days of being able to do nothing.  I worked hard at holding back but I did manage to get the kitchen windows cleaned and some other niggly, “bothering me” things done. It felt so good.

Today is more like my regular “don’t do a whole lot” days. However our helper, Gilman, called and asked if we had any work for him. He came and helped bring in a lot of wood for the screen room. He also mucked out a winter’s worth of bedding from the does pens. Spring cleaning, indeed. The young goats will be going to their new homes next week leaving only the two milking mammas.

Hailey accommodated me by coming into a full heat today and standing very nicely for Peppy.  She only had a single baby in February and I wanted to breed her again for next winter’s milk. If she takes the kids will be due early August.083

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