Pressing toward Seventy

A bit more than a month until my seventieth birthday and the new season of my life has already begun!  Today we purchased Suki Blue Eyes the younger sister of Majestic Blue. I am so excited to have two blue point siamese kittens.IMG_4175

Yesterday DH purchased a two person canoe with a trolling motor so we can spend more time together on the water. Next week it should be here.

2 thoughts on “Pressing toward Seventy

  1. Hello Jan
    When I started to ‘panic’ last year everyone told me it was just a number – trouble was it was a very large number in my eyes and they all wanted a party which to me made no sense at all. The did respect my ‘wishes’ so the day came and the day went and now I’m not bothered by that large number at all lol

    Love the cats – do you still have the two seal points you showed photos of last month? Siamese come in a close second after the Burmese with me.

    Take care – and keep well

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