Almost Seventy!

With the approaching birthday some new and exciting things have come my way. I certainly have been enjoying my Suki girl and all her antics. IMG_4250

We ordered a light weight canoe and today it arrived (also a birthday present). We are hoping, with the help of a trolling motor, to see the many lakes and pond in our area.  The motor is so I can be freed up from too much paddling but get to go on the ride!IMG_4291

I have started to see a chiropractor and he diagnosed my chest wall pain and heart attack like symptoms as Costochondritis.( ) The fatigue and incredible pain are still with me but at least I know why. I also know that, although painful, this will not kill me! (You know, like a heart attack will!)  He will be seeing me every ten days or so and has me seeing a therapeutic masseuse monthly. She should help move the excess lactic acid from between my ribs.  He also said healing takes a long take and sometime this is chronic in that it waxes and wanes.  Oh happy day! I feel different now that I know this much. Resting comes with little or no guilt and each good day is a gift.

IMG_4279We are adapting nicely to this new season of our life and greatly enjoy a visit for Mother’s Day from all the youngest Maine grandchildren as well as our daughter, son and daughter-in-law.IMG_4267

Our son and his littlest son both enjoyed biking. Daughter-in-law enjoyed the kitty. Cousins enjoyed each other.IMG_4273

A fabulous early birthday/Mother’s Day meal was prepared and enjoyed. Grilled steak…my favorite and a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. I am so spoiled.

My daughter, as she always manages to do, filled our freezer and pantry with things we like but don’t ordinarily get.  I guess I won’t starve with her in my life! Her Mother’s Day gift to me has also brought the humming birds my way!IMG_4290

Last but not least the goats have finally gotten out into the rye planting. It is belly high and they have attacked with a vengeance.  The bucks ate everything in their area down while the does ate heavily around the edges. Tomorrow the bucks will go into the does spot to finish the job and then we will move the fence.IMG_4294

As I said I am blessed in this new season of my life and very thankful as well!

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