I Had a Birthday and Other Things

Yes, I had that birthday! Actually my husband made it into a wonderful birthday weekend that included my sister and her husband as well. We canoed Pocamoonshine Lake and Dog Brook on Saturday morning and on Sunday we had steak and cake.IMG_4388

This wonderful hat is one of the gift’s I received. It will keep the sun off when we are canoeing.

Thank you Amity!IMG_4409

This week has been hectic. I saw the Chiropractor on Tuesday and he found some inflamation in my intercostal muscles that he worked on. However on Wednesday evening I had some very painful spasming that took awhile and some pain meds to get it to quiet down. Thursday Jean took Suki and me to the vet so she could be spayed and then Jean surprised me by going into Eastport.  We walked and looked into shops and stopped for coffee. Then we hit the thrift shop where everything was 25 and 50 cents!  We enjoyed that visit!

Before supper, however, the spasming reappeared and again it took a lot to get away from the intense pain so I could function again.

I felt better this morning and went for Suki. IMG_4415She’s home, a bit slowed down and none the worse for wear. Now there will be no surprise kittens.


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