Late Spring at the Farm

I wandered around a bit this morning in order to see how all the flowers were doing.  We are not planting a huge veggie garden this year and the planting has been late because of almost constant rain. I have been able to get in some flowers and past plantings have rewarded me  again this year.

It is Lupine time and this field started several years ago from one plant. I love it because it is no work and I can see it from my window.IMG_4449

My youngest daughter gave me these Korean lilacs four or five years ago.  I was hesitant to plant them since we had put the farm on the market and I wanted them to go with me. She insisted and they have grown into lovely bushes. Their fragrant smell wafts through my window and remind me of her thoughtfulness.IMG_4445

I put some pansies in my mailbox planter early because they can take the cold and I really wanted some color after a long winter. I intended to move them when it got warmer but since I get the mail every day and deadhead them as well as water them when needed I have decided they will stay put.  IMG_4446

I planted the window box outside my kitchen window and each day I get to enjoy the lovely color of these Impatients. The deck only gets morning sun so Impatients like this location.IMG_4435

My perenial garden out back isn’t what it should be yet but I am working at it. There are a lot of weeds and it could use mulching once I get get it cleaned up. However the flowers still bloom and today this lovely Iris appeared.  My good friend Jean Bergin gave me this planting of Irises several years ago when she still lived in Waite. I think of her generosity every time I see this.IMG_4441

When I was out there looking at the Iris I looked down and beside the pansies I noticed a sure summer sign. It was a piece of blue shell from a bird that had hatched.  New baby birds surely tell us summer is looming.IMG_4440

I love my home. I am impressed at how faithfully my husband tends to the mowing and trimming.  This is a joyful place to be.  God has been so good to me.IMG_4450



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