Living with Siamese Cats!

Back in December my husband purchased a beautiful blue point siamese that we named Blue. About five months later we purchased his sister and named her Suki.  IMG_4485

These two have changed our lives. Because I am here most of the time they are content and happy. We both have enjoyed their antics. IMG_4474

I purchased a cat toy at a yard sale for $1 and they have made good use of it. I couldn’t have imagined them having such fun and getting so much energy out playing with it.IMG_4468 IMG_4494

They have figured out that when I get out the dishes it must be time to eat. IMG_4533 IMG_4504Blue stands against the cabinets in anticipation. Then they both rush to when I put the wet food down.IMG_4514


Suki like to help with the housework. She will check under the rugs for any stray piece of dirt.

And she also hides behind the door.IMG_4521

In this season of my life to have such wonderful companionship from these two is terrific.IMG_4538

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