On the Water again…

We bought a sweet red canoe and hoped it would be lightweight enough for us two older folks to maneuver on and off the truck.IMG_4291 Some days its harder for me than others but the thrill of getting on the water makes it worth it. We live in an area where lakes and stream abound and have determined that we will spend a least one day each week this summer checking them out.

Our first week and first time was on the very hot first day of June. IMG_4339We chose Pocamoonshine Lake because my sister and brother-in-law live there and we somewhat familiar with it.  That was a good choice as it afforded us the opportunity to learn the “ins and outs” of our new water craft and our ability to handle it. Husband had put on a trolling motor so I would not have to paddle except in an emergency.  It was a great start and thoroughly enjoyable encouraging us to move forward on our summer commitment.IMG_4356

Last week it was cold and overcast but there was no wind so we set out for Baskehegan Lake, a lake we had been on before when we had the “Spitwell” a fixed up boat that the husband often took fishing a few years back.IMG_4422

We dressed warm and headed across to a place he had fished before only to discover that the water was very high and the mosquitoes were ferocious.  I was also getting very cold even with my extra clothing so we headed back.  It took longer than we thought and it was difficult to get the canoe on the truck but we made it. One again, in spite of the difficulties I was thankful to be back on the water.IMG_4433

This week my husband was  willing not to go if I wasn’t sure I wanted to go.  I was not feeling up to par but knew that going would at least lift my spirits and it was a nice June day. We decide to go nearer to home and put in at Princeton on Lewy Lake.  What a delight to go along the shoreline and see Princeton from the waterside.  IMG_4574We spotted a mama duck scooting her brood a cross the water when she heard us approach.  A fisherman in a cove cast his rod and we were treated to seeing him bring in a Bass.  Farther up the waterway we came to Long Lake. IMG_4582 At that point we headed back and enjoyed the beauty of the sky and water. IMG_4583

My husband is terrific to do this for me.  Being on the water had given me something to look forward to all summer!IMG_4585

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