Wild and Crazy

These two have been great company for me.  They sleep a lot…I mean a lot!

IMG_4606 But…when they are not sleeping, well, that’s a different story.  Suki is an “itch” and gets Blue going.  They race around the house, upstairs and down as well as through the cat door onto the screen porch.  I know she will calm down some when she gets a bit older but right now she is a terror.

You know the old excuse, “The dog ate my homework.” well here it would be, “The cat ate my homework.”

That would be Suki! She loves to bite the corner off pieces of paper and to shred up cardboard and pull tissues out of the trash.  When confronted she looks at me with those piercing blue eyes as if to say, “You think I did that?”

Blue, however, is a mellow boy.  He puts up with her shenanigans most of the time and shoves her away when he’s had enough. He is also a cuddler and crawls into my lap several times during the day.  He no longer jumps on the counters and thankfully she can’t do that yet!

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