The Milkers

IMG_4655, originally uploaded by mabeane6.

I have downsized to a very small herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats. They are the dairy part of the small goats. Pygmies are the meat part although most people keep Pygmies for pets. Nigerian Dwarfs make good pets as well.  These small creatures have wonderful personalities and are very easy to manage.  We keep them mainly for their  milk  and their manure-filled bedding. My husband composts all the bedding and that makes our raised bed garden produce very well!

Misty is my main milker right now although I am trying to dry her off. She gives me a quart of milk every time I milk her. I do that every three or four days. Haile is due at the end of the month and actually is a better milker than her mother. She is getting so big I wonder how many she is carrying. Her mom gave me quads last time!

Haile will probably put 3 quarts of milk in the pail initially and then decrease over her lactation. I trade milk for eggs when the volume is more than we can use. Its a good trade!

2 thoughts on “The Milkers

    • I have made cheese but mostly I make yogurt. The butterfat content of Nigerian Dwarf milk is very high making it great for both cheese and yogurt.

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