Day’s End

The Red Canoe, originally uploaded by mabeane6.

Late in the afternoon we gathered supper sandwiches and cold drinks and headed for West Lake. It is about seven miles down a bumpy dirt road to the place where we can put in the canoe. We took the Jeep for the first time and thankfully the canoe rode rather well. I was also surprised to find we could load and unload more easily than on the truck.
The shoreline of the lake is rocky. Some of the rocks are huge. There were places we could see enormous rocks on the bottom through very clear water. IMG_4674Very few camps lined the shore. There were places where all we could hear were bird sounds and the slapping of the water around our canoe. We use a trolling motor but it is very quiet.
The moose flies and deer flies kept trying to drill a hole in my feet but I managed to fend them off.
I was so pleased to get back on the water after a two-week absence.

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