The Waiting is Over!

I was feeling very spasm-y this afternoon and some what disoriented so husband stepped up to the plate and made a delicious supper. I took the necessary meds and laid down. I thought I heard the kitten making a crying sound and went to investigate.

It was the baby monitor and I knew that my very pregnant goat had delivered her first baby.IMG_4711

The adrenalin kicked in and I went out and helped her dry the beautiful doe off. Then came number two..another doe, very similar in size and coloring to the first one.  After a bit with a hard push she delivered a much bigger one, also a doe that was dark brown and black with just a bit of white.   I worked with her to get each one dried off and suddenly number four arrived.  Here was a fourth doe! I am elated! She is managing quite well so far and I am thankful for the warmth of summer.

This is our third set of quads here on the farm!



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