Monday I encountered a new experience with pain. It was certainly as described by my younger sister before she was diagnosed and treated for RA.  I now have experienced first hand what she was talking about.  My hands became useless blobs of searing pain that lasted and lasted.  Attempting distraction with music and netflix and walking and sitting and resting brought no relief.  When my sweet husband got home and saw the pain in my face he asked if I had thought of taking pain medicine.  Duh! The intense pain had shut down my thinking processes.  With medicine the pain finally gave up its stranglehold on my hands and I found some relief.   I am definitely needing a med change for the arthritis. That should happen soon. IMG_4893

Tuesday came with hands working and the flare subsiding.  I was happy to have the husband home in the morning and with his offer to take me out to lunch.  For a predicted rainy day it was delightfully sunny!IMG_4890

The cats have grown increasingly rambunctious so we decided to take the chance and let them explore the larger world.IMG_4896

They have been great, using the cat door, coming in and out at will and not straying too far.  The goats fascinate them.  Blue is particularly taken with the smells.


The baby goats have learned new leaping skills and have started munching grain as well as hay.  Cully is a real daredevil.



Their mom and grandma chew happily on spent green beans.IMG_4911

Cherishing the joyful moments has become very important these days. The joy of my two “learning to cast” grandsons last week was one of those moments!



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