Back on the Water

We finally both felt well enough at the same time to get out the canoe and head for the lake.  Paul has made the load and unload set up really easy and manageable without help. We headed down to Pocomoonshine Lake and went in the opposite direction from our last venture on the lake.  There was a bass tournament going on and we talked to a couple of the fishermen involved. Both said that they had not gotten what they were looking for yet.  We saw several cars with boat trailers in the parking lot but those fishermen probably had gone to their secret spots already. I saw some beautiful water lilies today.IMG_4957

Because Paul is slightly deaf he can’t hear me when I face the front of the canoe so today I sat on the floor of the canoe and it made conversation much easier.  It was also very relaxing. The slight rocking of the canoe almost put me to sleep. IMG_4944

When we returned we stopped at Jean and David’s dock to visit with Heather and Michelle.IMG_4980

Lunch at the Old Schoolhouse Restaurant finished out a wonderful morning.


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