Autumn is Coming On Quickly

We have been seeing wisps of color in the trees already.  The nights are getting cooler.  The days are getting shorter.  I am thinking about soup recipes and homemade bread. I   harvested some veggies today and we had most of them for supper. OH, there’s nothing quite like new potatoes.IMG_5046

I polished my wood stove today. I’ll be cooking on it before I know it.  IMG_5055

On the health front hubby seems to be doing much, much better.

I, however, have had several flares and am on a 6 day heavy-duty regime of meds to try to give my body some rest and relief.  It seems to be working as I have very little pain (except for the first night when I had the beginning of a severe episode.)  I do find myself very, very sleepy and today I was unsteady on my feet. One of the meds gives me this side effect if I take too much of it.  I see the Doc again Monday and we will proceed from there.

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