Growing Well

Annie and Abby are growing well. The changes I have made are serving them well.  I put Cully and Bella on bottles and then sold them.  They were the biggest babies and the most aggressive at the milk spout! Within 24 hours the two littler ones had already put on some weight and were happily frolicking around.  I have not separated them from mom at night yet but I have started milking anyway.  In the last four days I got over 3 quarts.  IMG_5074

I am also feeling much better this morning after several days on extra meds to deal with pain.  The extra meds only made me sleepy and dopey. Yesterday was difficult coming off them but this morning some energy has returned. Yeah!

Our well loved Blue has gone on a walkabout and we have not seen him in three days. I suspect he is with the feral cat and am hopeful he will show up here soon.  Suki calls for him several times a day.IMG_4907

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