Long Trip

Its been a few days since I have written here. There is a good reason.  The Rheumatologist called Wed evening asking if I could come in the next morning at 9AM.  Since I have had a lot of “all over the place” pain husband encouraged me to take the appointment and see if I could get a ride.  I called around and no one was able to help with the transport so I drove myself.  Since it is 153 miles to get there I left at 5AM.  I was happy to be in the new car because the ride was smooth and the gas mileage was great.  I got there before 8:30AM and he immediately came out to get me.  My appointment lasted over an hour.  He explained to me that I had two chronic syndromes. One was Osteoarthritis especially in my hips and hands and Fibromyalgia, as well as serious chest wall pain.  His plan was to help me learn to manage the pain with rest and exercise as well as meds. He also said I needed to pace myself… where have I heard that before?

It was a joy to have the goats and the cat rush to greet me when I got home.IMG_5086

We picked our first corn that night and had it for supper. Needless to say the “Corn Farmer” has not lost his touch!IMG_5075

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