Reinventing the Wheel and Other Such Foolishness

For months and months I have been searching for answers to the issues with my body.  I thought that if an answer and a diagnosis were found I could “get with the program” and move on.

My head and brain know who I am but my body has different ideas. This conflict is making it hard for me to lean into “the new normal.”  The fatigue I have had all along continues and makes it hard for my body and my brain to function as adroitly as before.  I am slowly learning the early morning routine so thinking about what to do next has receded as an issue.

My morning companion, Suki, keeps me resting by sitting on my arm or my lap.  That is a help to me.  I suspect over time Sushi will show her affectionate spirit as well.

One of the many difficult things I face is the harvest coming in fast and furious. Tomatoes need canning and I am not sure that will happen.  The freezers both need defrosting and evaluating what is in there.

However in the midst of all this God has stepped in and made it possible for us to buy a much-needed used car without a lot of difficulty. He provided the money and the help to put a new roof over the back room. That went so smoothly I hardly was aware that it was happening. His Hand was on so many little things that went right and made me feel okay with the “new normal”

I cling to the promise He gives, “My grace is sufficient for you, my strength is made perfect in weakness.”IMG_5110


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