Sunday! Sunday!

It is another beautiful day. That’s two in a row. Husband is busy getting us ready for winter.

He took down another tree in the back yard and it has opened up our view of the lower field. The goats get the branches before they are put on the bonfire pile. They love to gnaw on the bark and eat the leaves. IMG_5175

He has given up the notion of moving the dirt pile that blocks the way to the back yard. The neighbor will come by with his bucket loader and do that job for us. Using both our bodies and our funds wisely is important!

The garden is being lovingly readied for winter and then for early spring planting. He has added our home grown compost to top off the beds.  The compost pile has been cooking quite nicely.  IMG_5181

I have the two babies up for sale as they are 8 weeks old and progressing nicely. I really don’t care if they sell or not as they are wonderful “kids”.IMG_5179

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