Already Into October

IMG_5193Where did the summer go?  It seems to me that it had wings.  I am afraid Christmas will be here faster than I want.  The swiftly passing time causes me learn to savour each moment.  When we are , at last, done with this “time tunnel” and home with our Father, I will look back and realize “life was just vapor”.

This past week was a full week with lots happening and changes .  I sold the two babies on Sunday…to be picked up on Thursday.  I saw my Rheumatologist (in Waterville)on Monday.  She made some med changes. Two need time in my system to work right and to stop causing me to be so tired.  Tuesday I saw my local Doctor to get prescriptions fixed so they could be filled. Then I headed to Calais to pick them up. Unfortunately the Walmart Pharmacy computers were down causing any customer to have wait. Finally I went home!  I slept the rest of the afternoon (from med change).

Wednesday I moved very slowly.  Only the basics got done in the house. I am still having trouble pacing my self and realizing when I’ve done enough!  I have strived to do things well all my life and often dismissed being tired or in pain.  Because I was younger I got away with doing this. At 70 the body is talking back and won’t let me push as hard without severe consequences.IMG_5187

Thursday my sister went with me to deliver the goat kids to their new owners. We met halfway which was 124 miles round trip. Thankfully she did the drive home. With all her babies in new homes we get to have the milk Halie is giving.IMG_5196

This meant Friday was another “paced with lots of rest” day.   I am embarrassed to tell you that I lay down and watched two or three episodes of Law and Order through Netflix.

Today I am doing basic housework and watching/helping a little, my husband finish the stove project to have it ready for winter. He cleaned the chimney and replaced the stove-pipe. He also stiffened the shelf above the stove by adding a piece of angle iron from a recycled bed frame.

He is headed out to filled the jeep with shingles to go to the dump. I get to go out to eat when we do this. Yippee.

A brief walk this afternoon netted me a small basket full of tomatoes and some yummy late raspberries!IMG_5189

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