Coming Home

The youngest two came home this weekend and two grandsons.  That, of course, means a bonfire. Husband has been laying branches on the pile since spring  time.  Once he lit it off he and the grand boys dragged branches from the goat pens.  It started fast and burned down very well.  We were glad to get that pile burned off.IMG_5211

It’s great fun to have the two little guys here, lots of giggles and laughs.  They are getting old enough to be real participants in the goings on. IMG_5219

Amity has been a treat to have here.  She has a real rapport  with the boys.  She’s a busy woman these days and we are glad she took the time to come home.IMG_5218

One thought on “Coming Home

  1. I only know your family from the blogs but feel like somehow we are connected. Of course we are only across the Bay of Fundy and maybe someday we can meet.

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