I Can Hardly Keep Up!


It is moving ever so fast. Saturday Mrs. B and I picked up Bergie and he is already making his status known in the cat world here at the farm.  He is definitely not put off by the girls.  He and Suki have attempted to play with one another while Sushi is still in the hissing stage.

Sunday and Monday I was still catching up on the energy expended to get the kitten home and settled. I also found that a change in weather is affecting my muscles and joints.  That inched me toward actually using the pain meds (for pain!)  And no surprise here …it really helped.  Tuesday was a very  close to feeling normal type of day.  I know that how? well I did some machine sewing and some hand sewing.

Wednesday the food situation hit crisis mode so I went into Calais to remedy that issue.  With list in hand I was able to manage that task. However the travel, driving  and walking around the “new and improved’ Walmart which I am certainly sure put 100 miles on my legs and feet, I found myself drifting toward the bed in the afternoon.

Thankfully I pulled a made ahead freezer meal of lasagna so supper was simple. Or simple enough when your hands, legs, ankles and feet are screaming for you to rest, rest, rest.

I am listening better and rested after supper. Actually nothing else got done after supper as I decided to make rest  a priority.

Bergie seems to know how to make rest a priority so why can’t I?IMG_5344

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