It is snowing on this cold December Sunday.  The forecast calls for 4 to 6 inches.  Although we’ve had some dustings through November this is the first snow with cautionary weather warnings.  The last two weeks in November have been mostly very cold with wind, making it even colder!  We had one tropical day and then back to more cold.  The animals’ water bucket get iced over and water has to be hauled from the house.  The goats are growing heavy winter coats and in spite of the cold sit outside in any sun warmed place.  

I saw my Rheumatologist 10 days ago and she recommended that I try fish oil or Krill and see if that helps with the sore joints in my fingers, hands and knees.  I am thinking it is working as my fingers feel great and I have no knee pain.  I am so thankful.  Th energy is not there yet but perhaps with time that will return. 

I am hankering to do some dolly work but haven’t yet.  I have knitted lots of little doll shoes from a pattern by Little Jenny Wren. She said it was easy and it was!  She is a wonderful doll maker and I got lots of inspiration from her.  

We have a beaver dam down in our back pond.  My sister and I walked down to see it yesterday.  They’ve been hard at work taking down the trees to get it built!Image


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