Two Weeks of Winter

In two weeks we have had a whole winter and it’s only January!  Several days of below zero temps happened. We actually had two days at 19 below. IMG_5568 We had an ice storm and then a nor’easter and then torrential rain!  Although we lost our electricity for less than a day others waited a long time to have the power restored.  All this up and down weather has not be friendly to my body. I am tiring more quickly than I would like.  I am also having trouble going outside because of some much ice. IMG_5578

However, we were thrilled to have our two youngest kids here as well as the grandkids.IMG_5551 IMG_5547My daughter-in-law made a wonderful turkey dinner.  I attempted a birthday cake but it was too late in the day and I was tired so I missed an ingredient or two and it was no eatable. Oh well.IMG_5554


One thought on “Two Weeks of Winter

  1. We have a high expected today of 40c/194f – would like some of our heat or would you rather wait for yours to turn up in a few months time 🙂
    Take care

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