Where have I been?

January has been a difficult month.  The weather has been all over the place causing this arthritic body to complain daily.  We did enjoy Paul’s birthday with an afternoon of unexpected birthday guests and lots of laughter! Amity gave him an iPhone and a months’ worth of instruction in an afternoon.IMG_5593

I have been happy to try out some new dishes. I ‘ve been wanting to make noodles from scratch for a long time. Here is my first attempt.  Although husband thought they were too thick and too chewy I loved them. I know they need to be rolled thinner so I may need to acquire a pasta roller as these were as thin as I could get them.IMG_5606

I also had become timid about my carrot cake as the one for Zach’s birthday was a total flop. I found a new recipe and it was wonderful. We ate the whole thing in less than a week’s time. Yum!IMG_5608

Paul has been keeping the feeders filled and I certainly have enjoyed watching the birds flit in and out.IMG_5617


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